“What’s important is that we care.”

Barry Wiles – Managing Director

BW Fulfilment

We began trading in 1970 with the distribution of 8mm and 16mm films on behalf of major companies and organisations. These included The Post Office, Electricity Council, British Transport, Castrol, British Tourist Authority, British Waterways Board and many other household names.

The service included the writing and development of supporting literature and teaching notes – very useful when the films were used in education.

Over the subsequent 30 years the business expanded into larger premises and also operated four retail outlets servicing the development of home video. We became a Limited Company in 2002.

To satisfy the ever changing demands of business, education and the community, BW Fulfilment diversified and now offers a wider range of storage and fulfilment services to accommodate product distribution and archive materials. 

Barry Wiles,

Managing Director

Our company was founded on the still maintains the following values:

  • Staff loyalty
  • Working as a Team
  • Close client liaison
  • Delivering results

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Business diversity
Together with film and video distribution for major clients and sponsors, we extended our activities into retail, opening four outlets specialising in video sales and rental. We also expanded into the travel industry running a retail travel agency and providing European holiday tours and day trip excursions.
Expansion and change
Throughout this decade our retail activities continued but to meet a steady demand from the Education Sector additional services were introduced including storage, collation and distribution of educational materials and the development of curricular resources to meet the needs of teachers.
Towards the end of the decade our development strategy changed and to enable us to fulfil the requirements of an expanding education market, the travel business was transferred to Co-operative Travel Ltd and we withdrew from the video retail sector.
We were founder members of the Video Standards Council, which still operates to this day.
Become a Limited company
A milestone in our history was becoming incorporated in 2002, with our directors drawn from existing staff. To this day the company continues to embrace the many demands and changes required by businesses, and now offers insured warehousing in larger premises providing storage and UK and worldwide distribution for our clients.